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Tramatza is a small town in Oristano county and has always been on the route of important commercial tradings since Roman Time.
At the entrance of this small town you can find a Roman bridge, aroundvern 206 meters. You can walk on it. In the heart of this town you will see a Church from 1200, preserving inside the ancient sarcophagus of the Judicial period.

The enviroment is full of spontaneous flora and of typical fauna from humid areas, due to the near Rio Cispiri.

It’s an area that is perfect to be covered with vines and olive trees, in particular for the Oristano Vernaccia type, that gives birth to te self titled wine, which has always been part of the life for people who live this area.

In this glimpse of Sardinia you can find our familiy Company. The Company is developed for a surface of 20 acres, where vines, olive trees and other vegetables are cultivated. All the productions are transformed inside the Company, wines in the cellar and vegetables in the Food lab.

Our work is inspired and follows some important guiding principles: biodiversity maintenance, sustainable agriculture development, research of innovation never forgetting the traditional knowhow. We love to spread our knowhow, that is why we also orginize children labs and guided tours.

wine cellar tour, Pane Pintau workshop

Program: tour of maximum 3 hours, from 3pm to 6 pm

Arrival and welcome at the Company, vines and cellar tour explaining the production process and eventual curiosities and Pane

Pintau background. Alla cross Sardinia any important occasion such as Easter, marriege, religious ceremonies and other festivities was celebrated with bread, an essential item, that used to be prepared with much cure and attention. That is how Ceremonial Bread ( Pani Pintau) was created.

Workshop creating small pieces of bread as traditional customs.

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Lenght of activity /  guided tour

Lenght of activity / guided tour

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Tramatza - Sardegna, Italia

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